World Asian Domina Directory

Asian Goddess Linda laughs at the notion that you are worthy.

Goddess Linda

Ethnicity : Chinese/Vietnamese
Location : California
Specialties: Financial Domination, Humiliation, Blackmail, Foot Fetish
Toronto's own, Queen Jade punishes all those who oppose.

Queen Jade

Ethnicity : Unknown
Location : Toronto
Specialties: Wrestling Holds, Medical Play, Slave Training, Role Play, Bondage
Mistress Aika awaits all loyal subjects to her throne.

Mistress Aika

Ethnicity : Japanese
Location: London
Specialties: Corporal Punishment, Electro Play, Tease and Denial, Cross Dressing, Pony Play
Although relatively seen in public, pro domme Miko is no stranger to inflicting pain.

Mistress Miko

Ethnicity : Unknown
Location: Vancouver
Specialties: Obedience Training, Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, Smothering, Branding
The lovely Princess Selene loves to be doted on hand and foot.

Princess Selene

Ethnicity : Taiwanese
Location: Taipei
Specialties: Role Play, Maid Training, Bondage, Nipple Torture, Humiliation
The Modern Empress enjoys multiple activities at her place in London.

Modern Empress

Ethnicity : Unknown
Location: London
Specialties: Foot Fetish, Japanese Bondage, Crushing, Public Humiliation, Ballbusting
Bangladeshi Femdomme waits for you to bow down in submission

Mistress Lahiri

AKA : Sonya Lahiri
Ethnicity : Bangladeshi
Location : New York
Specialties : OTK Spankings, Role Play, Humiliation, Bondage, Electro Play
Busty Head Mistress Kang takes no prisoners at the Fetish Fortress in NYC.

Mistress Kang

AKA : Jessy Kang
Ethnicity : Chinese
Location: New York
Specialties : Sissy Training, Role Play, Needle Play, Bondage, Electro Play
Ms. Thora Nang satisfies herself at the expense of her victim.

Miss Thora Nang

Ethnicity : Vietnamese
Location : Los Angeles
Specialties: Psychodrama, Interrogation, Chastity, Toilet Training, Behavior Modification
Hot Korean Dominatrix Mina Jung loves the feel of latex while she sessions in New York

Mistress Jung

AKA : Mina Jung
Ethnicity : Korean
Location: NYC
Specialties: Foot Worship, Tease and Denial, Role Play, Corporal Punishment, Sissy Training
Amiko is annoyed with her slave's repeated failures.

Mistress Amiko

Ethnicity : Unknown
Location : New York
Specialties : Bondage, Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Corporal Punishment, Sensory Deprivation
Pro dominatrix Kat9 will cripple you physically and financially.

Mistress Kat9

Ethnicity : Vietnamese/Eurasian
Location : Los Angeles
Specialties : Cuckold Fantasy, Chastity Training, Behavior Modification, Extreme Captivity & Interrogation, Financial Domination
Mistress Nina demands that you worship her feet.

Asian Mistress Nina

Ethnicity : Unknown
Location: Brussels
Specialties: Suspension, Stretching, Pony Play, Feminization, Medical Play
Miss Chi weapon of choice is the Cane, with very good and often painful reason.

Miss Chi

Ethnicity: Chinese
Location: London
Specialties: Foot/Shoe Worship, Chastity, Corporal, Domestic Training
Chinese Pro Domina Zhao readies for her next class in NYC

Mistress Zhao

AKA : Dragon Lady Zhao
Ethnicity : Chinese
Location: NYC
Specialties : Sissy Training, Psychological Role Play, Verbal Humiliation, Bondage, Foot Worship, Medical Play, Corporal Punishment
Marissa's full body loves to be adored by the masses. Do it wrong and feel her wrath.

Goddess Marissa

Ethnicity : Korean/Eurasian
Location : Las Vegas
Specialties : Tease and Denial, Tickle Torture, Role Play, Water Torture, Electro Play
Amber le Fay welcomes all to her dungeon to try and prove their affection for her.

Mistress Amber Le Fay

Ethnicity: Chinese
Location: NYC
Specialties: Role Play, Breath Play, Sensory Deprivation, Tickling, Trampling
Japanese Pro Dominatrix gazes at you with sheer disappointment

Mistress Haru

AKA : Naomi Haru
Ethnicity : Japanese
Location: New York
Specialties : Bondage, Corporal Punishment, Foot Fetish, Humiliation, CBT
Lady Lilly knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, by force.

Lady Lilly

Ethnicity : Japanese, Filipina-Swiss
Location : Washington DC
Specialties: Foot Worship, Nipple Play, Humiliation, Corporal Discipline, Bondage
Japanese Mistress Sayako indulges in all types of games in New York

Mistress Sayako

Ethnicity : Japanese
Location: New York
Specialties : Toilet Training, Medical Sessions, Piercings, Cross Dressing, Role Play
Domina Yuki will not hesitate to put you over her knee if you misbehave.

Domina Yuki

Ethnicity : Unknown
Location : San Francisco, Oakland
Specialties: OTK Spankings, Electro Play, Medical Play, Role Play, CBT
Mistress Lorita prepares to unleash her fury on another innocent sissy boy

Mistress Lorita

Ethnicity: Thai
Location: Bangkok
Specialties: Humiliation, Sissy Play, CBT, Tease and Denial, Ass Worship
Thai domina Suki demands that you kneel at her feet.

Mistress Suki

AKA : Scat Asian Mistress Suki
Ethnicity : Thai
Location: London
Specialties: Toilet Training, Hard Sports, Face Sitting/Smothering, Sadistic Thai Massage, Role Play
The Empress of Phuket allows only the most loyal to serve her will.

Empress Lucy

AKA : The Empress of Phuket
Ethnicity : Thai/Chinese
Location: Phuket
Specialties: Bondage, CBT, Forced Feminization, Foot/Shoe Worship, Corporal Punishment
Eurasian Miss Jasmine in leather dares you to cross the threshold to her dungeon.

Miss Jasmine

Ethnicity : Taiwanese/Eurasian
Location : Vancouver
Specialties: Caging/Imprisonment, Chastity Play, Ballbusting, Tease and Denial, Pony Play
Claudia loves to use her voluptuous body to smother slaves into servitude.

Goddess Claudia

Ethnicity: Unknown
Location: Chicago
Specialties: Mummification, Public Play, Smothering, Foot Fetish, Spanking
Pro Domme Asia can be found punishing patrons in London or NYC.

Mistress Asia

Ethnicity: Unknown
Location: NYC/London
Specialties: Fetishist, Bondage, Foot/Boot Worship, Strapon, Smothering
Japanese Pro Domme Yurika can prove to be quite demanding under her porcelain skin.

Mistress Yurika

Ethnicity: Japanese
Location: Tokyo
Specialties : Leg Fetish, Whipping, Anal Stimulation, Humiliation, Maid Training
Goddess Qing stops for a moment so that you may enjoy her beauty.

Goddess Qing

Ethnicity : Chinese
Location: Beijing
Specialties : Foot Worship, Dildo Training, Human Furniture, Bondage, Corporal Punishment
Baroness Dao decides when you get to indulge in her beauty.

Baroness Dao

AKA : Mistress D
Ethnicity : Thai
Location : Phuket, Bangkok
Specialties : Needle Play, Caging, Sissy Training, Mummification, Tease and Denial
Petite Domina Colette enjoys the admiration of her subs.

Domina Colette

AKA : Mistress Colette
Ethnicity : Unknown
Location: San Francisco
Specialties: Corporal Punishment, CBT, Watersports, Strap-on play, Foot/Shoe Worship
Kaila Yi's beauty is only matched by her love of the whip.

Miss Kaila Yi

Ethnicity : Chinese
Location: Los Angeles
Specialties: Humiliation, Caning, Pony Play, Nipple Torture, Corporal Punishment
The Empress Himiko splits her time between NY and LA.

Empress Himiko

Ethnicity : Japanese
Location: Los Angeles, New York
Specialties: Servant Training, Human Furniture, Humiliation, Foot/Boot Worship, Tickling Torture
Pro domina Kulit enjoys smoking and using you for an ashtray.

Mistress Kulit

Ethnicity : Indonesian
Location: London, Berkshire
Specialties : CBT, Forced Feminization, Smoking Fetish, Wax Play, Trampling
Miss Mya's long body allows her to use maximum force.

Miss Mya

Ethnicity : Chinese/Vietnamese
Location : Los Angeles
Specialties: Corporal Punishment, CBT, Corset Training, Bondage, Humiliation
Dominatrix Amrita enjoys multiple activities at her establishment in London.

Mistress Amrita

Ethnicity : Japanese
Location : London
Specialties : Breath Control, CBT, Japanese Rope Bondage, Wrestling Holds, Corporal Punishment
Korean Mistress Ree begins to remove her outfit during session at Fetish Fortress in NYC

Mistress Ree

AKA : Emma Ree
Ethnicity : Korean
Location : NYC
Specialties: Tease and Denial, Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, CBT, Bondage
Petite Chinese Mistress Mei enjoys her whip

Mistress Mei

AKA : Dolli Mei
Ethnicity : Chinese
Location: New York
Specialties : Bondage, Tease and Denial, Humiliation, Foot Fetish, Humiliation
Damiana Chi takes a break from punishing sissies by taking in the sights on the rooftop in Los Angeles.

Mistress Damiana Chi

Ethnicity: Chinese/Filipino
Location: Los Angeles
Specialties: Roleplay, Corporal, Bondage, Sissy Training, Suspension, Electrical Play
Domina Rei poses after leaving her slave in pain.

Domina Rei

Ethnicity : Uknown
Location: New Jersey
Specialties: Erotic Hypnosis, Role Play, Humiliation, Feminization, Bondage
This Hong Kong Mistress loves her leather.

Domina Mandy

AKA : Hong Kong Mistress
Ethnicity : Chinese
Location : Hong Kong
Specialties: Trampling, Tease and Denial, Corporal Punishment, CBT, Bondage
Located in Beijing, Asian Domme Yao wants you to feel her whip.

Mistress Yao

Ethnicity : Chinese
Location : Beijing
Specialties : Facesitting, Humiliation, Sissy Training, Bondage, Toilet Training
Jezebel Chi claims ownership of another poor slave.

Mistress Jezebel Chi

Ethnicity : Chinese/Filipina
Location : Los Angeles
Specialties : Slave Training/Ownership, Sissy Training, Humiliation, Roleplay, Bondage
Consider yourself lucky should you ever be graced in Domina Ayumi's presence.

Mistress Ayumi

Ethnicity : Japanese
Location : Hong Kong
Specialties: Caning, Bondage, CBT, Hypnosis, Cross Dressing
Mistress Tran gives gazes at her slave with disapproval at the Fetish Fortress.

Mistress Tran

AKA: Lucy Tran
Ethnicity : Vietnamese
Location : NYC
Specialties: Verbal Humiliation, Role Play, Bondage, Slave/Protocol Training, Foot Worship, Corporal Punishment
Mistress Edz intense gaze could steal any man's soul.

Mistress Edz

Ethnicity : Thai
Location : Bangkok, Manilla
Specialties : Obedience Training, Foot/Boot Worship, Queening, Wax Play, Toilet Training
Asian Fem Domme Choi poses at the Fortress in New York City.

Mistress Choi

AKA : Lily Choi
Ethnicity : Korean
Location : NYC
Specialties : Full Toilet, Corporal Training, Sissy Training, AB/DL, Splosh
Chinese born Mei Wu loves torturing her subjects.

Miss Mei Wu

Ethnicity : Chinese
Location: San Francisco
Specialties: Role Play, Forced Feminization, Sissy Training, Face Slapping, Ball Busting
Mistress Vu's beauty is quickly overshadowed by the her affection in inflicting pain at the Fetish Fortress.

Mistress Vu

AKA : Ada Vu
Ethnicity : Vietnamese
Location : NYC
Specialties: Tease and Denial, Foot Worship, Role Play, Sissy Training, Nipple Torture
Miss Woo loves playing with new toys at her place in Shanghai.

Mistress Woo

Ethnicity : Chinese
Location : Shanghai
Specialties: Food Play, Role Play, Suspension, Enema, Watersports
Countess Von Kink is disappointed in her submissive's behavior.

Mistress Kelly

AKA: Countess Von Kink
Ethnicity : Unknown
Location: Hong Kong, London, New York
Specialties : Cuckolding, Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, Baby Training, Trampling
Lady Chyna welcomes all her for her sissy training course.

Lady Chyna

Ethnicity : Chinese
Location : Toronto
Specialties: Sissy Training, Sensory Deprivation, Bondage, Human Furniture, Maid Training

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