Guest Model Galleries

Every month on we will be featuring a new guest model. These women are friends, sometimes colleagues and sometimes playmates of the Fetish Fortress staff. All are regulars in the local BDSM / adult scene but don't play professionally- or else they would be Players at the Fortress and not just guest models:-) But we are working on them and will keep you informed if we can ever convince them to get on the schedule here at the Fortress. In the mean time enjoy some very hot pics of some very fine friends of ours...

Kiko Wu

Kiko Wu is something of a legend on the internet. As one of the first Asian amateurs online she has had a long and successful career as one of the Internet’s most innovative adult models. A lifestyle Switch and bisexual, along with her other accomplishments Kiko is also known for her extraordinary Anal abilities- some of the largest baseball bat size dildos and even larger fists you have ever seen. She caters to her Dominatrix inclination by actively recruiting other Asian girls into modeling then brutally initiating them on camera with her strap on. She also likes to exercise her Submissive side with exhibitionism and public nudity video shoots around Manhattan. She is a long time acquaintance and a really incredible lady.

Julie Baek

Julie Baek is a very sexy lady and one of the hardest case submissives you are ever likely to meet. We have personally seen her obediently go through hours of the most brutal use, passed around like a beer, tossed like a rag doll and used like a napkin- and come out the other end with a huge smile. We don’t call her “Rubber Girl” for nothing. Julie’s schedule has always been busy with school so she seldom has time for play but rumor has it that she has settled down- which for Julie probably means being happily dragged from room to room by her hair:-)

Mistress LI

Jenny Li- info coming soon.

Hitomi Okada

Mistress Hitomi Okada is a Japanese lifestyle dominant. While in New York she rented one of the Fortress playrooms for personal use and quickly became a favorite of the staff. We can’t tell you much about her style of play but she has an open invitation to return anytime and has indicated interest in trying domination in America.

Mistress Heung

Mistress Heung is a demanding yet sensual domina. During her time a the Fortress she became known for possessing a sharp (if somewhat perverted) sense of humor which brought much humiliation, pain, and occasionally- purely by accident I assure you, pleasure to her many slaves. The Mistress’s favorite slave is a docile slave, a slave who understands his place in her world and is resigned to his insignificance. She expects absolute unquestioning obedience from her devotees, a moments thought or hesitation is invariably met with swift, painful effective corrective measures.