Mistress Alexia Zito is an alluring domme whose playful disposition will intrigue you- just far enough to be ensnared by her mischievous command. Although your obedience may be rewarding, Mistress Zito will show you that your reward will be to her liking, not yours.

Her sensuality and strictness will captivate you until you yield to her will. One look at her ferocious brown eyes and enticingly petite frame and you will tirelessly aim to please her. Mistress Zito balances a quirky, vibrant personality with a thrilling taste for male surrender.

Ethnicité: Italienne

Langages: Anglais

Taille: 158cm

Pointure de Chaussure: 36


La Forteresse Fétiche fournit de divers services légaux de BDSM. Nous ne fournissons aucun service de nature sexuelle, quoi qu’il en soit. Veuillez nous contacter pour recevoir les scenarios de jeu de rôle fétiches disponibles

Domina Rates:

Double-Domination : $195 pour une heure, $180 pour deux heures ou plus
Régulier : $260 pour une heure, $240 pour deux heures ou plus
Diner et Domination : $850


Mistress Zito was awesome and made things fun, scary, and exciting. Very easy to submit to such a pretty and petite Mistress. I am marked from my calves to my nipples and still smiling! I look forward to my next session.

- Patrick

I had a 3 hour double Domme session with Mistress Katz and Mistress Zito. One of the most intense experiences of my life with two wonderful and naturally dominant Ladies. Especially Mistress Katz in looks, personality and natural dominance in an absolute league of Her own. I shall surely return!

- Max

Alexia Zito is my favorite mistress. Ever. She is incredibly gorgeous, funny, and genuine. Most importantly, she has the gift of establishing a mental connection that otherwise requires a lot of intimacy to achieve. I only met with her yesterday, and I already miss her beautiful smile, and the ravishing eye contact she kept during the session. I strongly suggest Mistess Zito: she is a fantastic, talented girl, that will make you dream of her long after the session is over.

- Luke

Mistress Zito put me at ease as soon as she walked in the room. We briefly went over the scenario I had suggested to double check and confirm any limits or things I wanted try.

I was a school boy with a foot fetish who could not stop sniffing the girls shoes and sneakers in he classroom while fantasizing about worshipping their feet. I so badly wanted to be a good boy but could not help myself. A dance followed of punishment, reward, and further confession. She knew exactly which buttons to push. By the end of the session I was completely shattered. Mistress Zito had taken all the bad out of me. She finally said the words I longed for the entire session: "You were a good boy." Afterwards she held me as I began the process of coming out of my subspace.

Mistress Zito is an excellent Domme and another great new addition to the Fortress Her presence and command had me convinced we were actually in the scenario I had wanted. It's wonderful to play with someone who is as enthused as you are. I will definitely be seeing her again and I am already planning our next time together.

- Steven

I had a great time with Mistress Zito. As a beginner, she did a great job easing me into things. She was also extremely playful and was having a good time too, which makes the experience more enjoyable. Definitely looking forward to returning.

- Eric

To anyone who wants to explore their kinks I would highly recommend the Fetish Fortress. It's clean, secure, comfortable and friendly. Of course it's also a bit wicked, but that's why i went wink You'll have a damn good time there.
I know i really did and def plan on going back again.

- Ray

This was my first visit to the Fortress and a dungeon in general. I had a 1 hour session with the beautiful Mistress Zito. I think she did a really good job on reading me and my reactions on the go - affirming that everything is going well. I also enjoyed how she introduced some other activities that weren't discussed previously but turned out to be one of the highlights of the session! Loved her up-to-no-good giggle from time to time as well. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and hope I will be able to return some time!

- AT

Mistress Zito is a supremely talented domme, and I recently had the privilege/pleasure of sessioning with her. She is a sensual, empathetic, witty, lovely goddess. Our session commenced with Mistress Zito tying me up and playfully feminizing me/dressing me up. From there, we traded naughty stories involving cuckoldry and humiliation. All the while, of course, she was tantalizing me with her intoxicating beauty.

A delicious session, and I eagerly look forward to experiencing Mistress Zito's charms again soon!


My first encounter with Mistress Zito was most memorable! i wasn't completely clear on what i was looking for, but after some insightful questions she swiftly took charge of the situation, and of me. Despite my initial nervousness, her approachable personality, undeniable beauty, clear capability and genuine humanity all helped me melt into a state of deep submission. She seemed to genuinely enjoy toying with me - confident in her control. First binding me helpless to the table, and teasing me about my helplessness. Later locking me in a cage and playfully teasing me how she was just out of my reach Finally, after instructing me in how to best beg, she let me worship her up close.

i enjoyed being put in my proper, submissive place, and i look forward to meeting with Her again!

- Shy Sub

This was my first time going to Fetish Fortress. It is a very secure location, I felt extremely safe and ready to enjoy the session. I was a little nervous starting out, as I walked down the hallway excitement started to rise. When Mistress Zito walked in, she was even better looking than her pictures. The pictures did not do her enough justice. She has this demeanor that is strong, confident, sexy, and she immediately made me feel at ease. Mistress Zito had in glasses that made her look like the innocent girl next door, but her walk and smile said other wise. Mistress Zito knows exactly how to read body language and push Fetish limits. I couldn't get enough torture from the beautiful Mistress. The fortress is a great, and I cannot say enough positives!! I look forward to going again!

- AM

She is super cool and really worked me well to the stretching point. It was my first time but she had clearly been here before and handled me like a total pro. After a while I told her I had recently tried sensory deprivation via a mask. This awesome young kinkster said, "Just the mask? What about your ears?" Sure, never tried it but sounds cool. Next thing you know, I can't see a thing and I've got this ridiculous buzzing in my ears... At the end of the session, I'm telling her how amazing it was and how happy I was to reach a new level... Bottom line, damn she's amazing.

- Hand Puppet

I had the good fortune to have a double domme session with M. Zito and M. Zelda today. Try it if you get the chance; my experience was that they worked very creatively together. As with every other experience I've had at FF, everything was extremely professional. M. Zelda's photos on the site don't really do her justice - seriously, she is a lot hotter than depicted. I didn't give the mistresses much to work with apart from, "try some new things," so there were lots of bits and pieces. Providing details is made somewhat difficult by the fact I had a stocking over my head for most of the session. There was a lot of one of the mistresses dealing out pain, while the other stroked me gently. Though they'd sometimes move into bad cop/bad cop too. It was all fun. There was a little bastinado, which was new to me - a response to my request for no marking. They managed to bring a near overload of sensation all together, while laughing. Sometimes the laughter was on the evil side, but that's part of the fun. Thanks to the two mistresses.

- risotto

Best two words i can describe my session is "euphoric bliss". She made me comfortable during my first session at the Fortress. Her approach was genius. Kind yet strict discipline I would go back to her every week if i could. Just remarkable.

- Aaaron

Best two words i can describe my session is "euphoric bliss". She made me comfortable during my first session at the Fortress. Her approach was genius. Kind yet strict discipline I would go back to her every week if i could. Just remarkable.

- Aaaron

She is absolutely gorgeous. In particular, she has really lovely eyes (which she does not mind that you stare into while she is torturing you). She was dressed perfectly, with a latex bra top, short latex skirt (that showed lots of sexy leg), and great open toed high heels.

I shared that I love bondage--and she delivered. I was a little worried because she looks young, but she is very experienced and proficient. To start, she tied me over a table with my hands tied together in front of me and my legs each tied to a table leg. I was absolutely helpless--which I loved. She uses nice, thick ropes. They are harder to work with and can take longer to tie, but feel so much better, can hold tighter, and do not leave marks. I was very vulnerable and she made the most of it. Afterwords, she offered me a glass of water and a shower. We also chatted some--she is a very cool person, very easy to chat with. I highly recommend Mistress Zito--she is the best. For those who have not been to the Fetish Fortress, the whole setup is very nice and professional. I was in the Steel room that was perfect for a bondage aficionado.

- BondageLover

When you go to the Fetish Fortress you know that you will always get a very good session because their standards are may be the highest in New York.
Sometime you get an exceptional session and that is exactly what I experienced with Mistress Alexia Zito a couple of days ago. Mistress Zito with Her understated manners and Her sensual, assertive
and suave voice immediately got me into the proper state of mind to please Her whatever it takes. She knew exactly where to go, what to do at any time and how to best explore and foster my deep slutty side....
She took control of my mind and body and never relinquished. The session flew by like in seconds. I can't wait to see Her again.

- JN