The Players

Busty Chinese Dominatrix Kang, topless at FortressNYC Mistress Kang
Mistress Fang
Mistress Katz
Fearless Asian Pro Domme awaits those who wish to worship at a dungeon in New York City Mistress Li
Mistress Zito
Mistress Von Dietz
Mistress Rey
Mistress Brinks
Mistress Jin
Korean Mistress Choi nude and playing with pigtails at the Fetish Fortress Mistress Choi
Hot Oriental Domme Ko, wearing pink nurses outfit at the Fetish Fortress Mistress Ko

A Passion for Punishment…

Some people are just born different, their psyche hardwired with urges, limits and abilities that the average person will never feel or attain.

For some the instinctive blocks we have against inflicting cruelty on fellow humans may simply not be there, understood in an academic way but not really felt. For others the potential for injuries, blood, pain, broken bones causes more excitement than fear. They seek jobs, or even just "dares" that allow them to put their safety in the hands of another's judgment and to prove they can endure. Men with these traits are highly valued but often social misfits. There are valued professions for men with these urges, bull riders, special forces, interrogators, stunt men, professional fighters and more.

The women... have you ever asked yourself what happens to the women with these same traits? The two percent who can casually inflict or endure pain and humiliation on a day to day basis with not only no psychological harm, but taking true enjoyment, arousal and even professional pride in it. Like with men, there are many swaggering pretenders, those who think wearing the clothes or learning the vocabulary put them on level with true passionate professionals. The clothes and the language cannot make them someone they are not. A cowboy hat does not make you a bull rider, and a corset cannot make you a dominant. There are men who were born women, you can make them wear a suit and grow a beard, but penis or no penis, inside they are women. You can be taught to hit someone with a whip and read from a script but you cannot force your brain to feel the endorphin rush that a true dominant experiences when she forces her will on another.

The Players of the Fetish Fortress consist of a small number of like minded women who wanted to establish a clean, well equipped, secure place where they could share their passion and skill, and those who appreciate the genuine article could come to experience it.

Some want to play, some are able to play, some even get good at it, our difference is that we choose to put everything else aside and devote ourselves full time to the BDSM lifestyle so we could be the very best at what we love.

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