Mistress Zora Jin is a cotton candy nightmare of Freudian imagination that will shake you to the core. Don’t let her sweet smile when she greets you fool you; she's is only dreaming of your imminent submission. That Cheshire Cat smile will only get wider as you grovel under her perfect, delicately formed feet and beg to fulfill her most trivial of wishes.

种族: 华人

语言: 英文, 普通话

身高: 170厘米

鞋码: 37.5



Domina Rates:

双御资费: $165/小时,≥2小时,$150/小时
预售价格: $180/小时
正常资费: $220/小时,≥2小时,$200/小时
晚宴及支配资费: $700