Mistress "Bean" Rey is a femme fatale that will intoxicate you with her velvety voice and enigmatic presence. She will spin a deadly web around you, enveloping you in her world of sensual fantasy. She will asphyxiate you with intense scenes of tease and torment.

As soon as you step into the room, you will quickly learn your sole reason for existence is to satisfy Mistress Rey. Underneath an armor of ice and strict discipline, she may reveal tender affection for her pet. But don't relax too quickly, as she will be lightening quick to keep you perfectly in line. You'll be breathless and left at her mercy as she binds and objectifies you, preparing you for your own emotional destruction.

种族: 华人-法国人

语言: 英文, 普通话

身高: 172.7cm厘米

鞋码: 40



Domina Rates:

双御资费: $210/小时,≥2小时,$195/小时
正常资费: $280/小时,≥2小时,$260/小时
晚宴及支配资费: $950


I have been visiting the Fortress for a number of years and have always enjoyed the beautiful Mistresses and my sessions with them. Most recently I met Mistress Rey and had the pleasure of being her first session after completing her training. Mistress Rey Is strikingly beautiful and imposing with her presence. She is energetic and very effective in scenario roleplaying. Her quick wit and sharp mind bring to life the scene you desire. She is physically strong with a perfectly toned athletic body and truly enjoys being dominant and dispensing pain. At the same time she has a caring and playful side to her that makes you enjoy even more her dominant and pain giving side. You will be happy to spend time with Mistress Rey.

- Happy Fellow

This was my first time meeting with and serving under the beautiful Mistress Rey. When She first came in the room i was completely in awe of Her extraordinary beauty and Her dominant and superior presence. Her voice was very self-assured and controlling, yet soft and sensual. She didn't have to yell or sound mean to get what she wanted from me. And i was completely under Her control. She is the ultimate Goddess; perfection! I am looking forward to serving Her again very soon.

- p

This was my first time meeting Mistress Rey. All of my experiences at the Fortress have been great; the place is clean, booking is professional. When Mistress Rey walked in she was stunning. She had an aura of control about her, and I wanted to do anything she asked of me just to please her. During our session it seemed like she was able to read my mind. While dressed like her slut and performing for her entertainment, she made little comments here and there that just put me more and more under her spell. She had me worship her feet too and that was such a treat. Our session wasn't as intense (by my request) as my previous sessions but by the end of the 2 hours, which flew by, I was still spent. I think there were a few points where Mistress Rey almost pushed me over the edge, but stopped just in time Before meeting her, I didn't realize that pleasure can also be painful. I can't wait to come back and see her again!

- L.S.

My first experience with domination was with the divine Mistress Rey. Her pictures on the website are very sexy, but in person her physical beauty is awe-inspiring. She is magnificent from head to exquisite toe. The first thing Mistress Rey does is charm you. Her smile is bewitching and she has a truly engaging, intelligent personality, and a lovely laugh. It takes about five seconds to fall in love. When she gazes at you with those amazing eyes you feel powerless to resist her. Meanwhile, you sneak glances at her athletic body.

I came looking for brute force and she figured that out quickly, so she held it back from me, teasing me with the more painful things she knew that I feared. It was an exquisite torment. In minutes she had me reeling, disoriented and slightly frightened, and loving it. When she finally gave me the force, it was like a thunderclap. Wham! Way more powerful and shocking than I expected, she is incredibly physically strong. It’s terrifying, but delicious, what can I say. You want more, even though you’re not sure if you can take it. She finished my training with something that was so evil and so sensuous it gives me chills just thinking about it... Afterwards, going home, I felt like I was floating. It’s so much fun worshiping a sublime being like Mistress Rey and being allowed into her presence, and sharing a unique moment of physical and emotional intensity with her.

- Bill J.

On a recent visit to Fortress I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Mistress Rey. Mistress Rey is a beautiful tall Asian with the ability to have you under her control in a very short time. I quickly realized that it was a futile to attempt to disobey. After Mistress Rey took control with her powerful persuasion the session took a turn toward an experience in domination and humiliation. Mistress Rey is gentle but she is also very controlling. It was truly a great experience as every other session i have experienced at the Fortress.

- TJ

Being a leg, ass, and foot fetishist who loves to put beautiful, dominant women on a pedestal and worship them, I was attracted to Mistress Rey through her photos and knew I wanted to have a session with her as quickly as possible. All of my sessions at the Fortress have been extremely satisfying but I always book just one hour when I am seeing a mistress for the first time. However, when Mistress Rey walked into the Pink Room looking so hot and spoke to me in her honey-soft voice, I immediately regretted not booking a longer session. If there were a website where I could custom-design a goddess, I could do no better than Mistress Rey. She is gorgeous. In my fantasies I would worship every inch of her every day. I am already addicted to her.

I cannot wait until I can again offer myself for her to use however she likes. I adore her.

- DC Fortress Fan

Last week I had my first session with Mistress Rey. The moment she walked into the room I was blown away . Her full red lips, soft-brown eyes and 5"8" frame (6-foot in heels) put me into a trance. Not only did
she bind me in ways I've never experienced, her demeanor allowed me to open up in ways never before possible.

When I wasn't gagged, we discussed my deepest fantasies (many of which involved future sessions). She trussed me up to the pole in the Pink Room and tied my legs in a manner that was both comfortable for me and allowed her to do as she pleased - not that I had a choice : )

I can't wait for round 2 (and 3,and 4...).

- AR

I just had my first experience at the Fortress and I must say it was amazing. The booking process was so polite, straightforward, and courteous. I am a newcomer and was incredibly nervous. Mistress Rey put me at ease instantly and fulfilled fantasies I've thought about for years, but never explored. She is absolutely gorgeous Wicked and sweet all at once. I would highly recommend the Fortress to anyone.

- Jay

I enjoyed the session very much. She is a stunning young lady full of energy and she kept things in my comfort zone. I hope she had fun as well.

- Mike

Mistress Rey is absolutely AMAZING! Such a sweet personality, beautiful eyes, body and delicious feet that she didn't mind smothering and trampling me with! She was so friendly while keeping a dominating and controlling attitude. I think I may have found my new favorite Domme!

I recently had a 1 hour session with Mistress Rey and it was one of the best sessions I have ever had! I wish I would have booked for 2, 3, 4, 5 more hours!

Her session started off by warming my back up with flogging, whipping and slapping, she got some hard whips in there! I can't wait to book my next session with the lovely Mistress Rey!

- Battle07

My session with Mistress Rey was one of my best at the Fortress. I gave her some background on what i was looking for in my session, and as soon as she walked in, she played the part exactly how i envisioned it. She played a beautiful nurse that gave me a very thorough exam. Kind and caring but at the same time very devious with naughty ideas. Always had me feeling comfortable even as she slowly started taking complete control. I cannot wait until my next session with her and explore some of our shared interests. Great addition to the Fortress family!

- NK

Had the pleasure of a session with the lovely Ms Rey last week. Really had a lot of fun, Ms Rey is very pretty and has a beautiful body.

I was awestruck when she entered the room wearing the requested black thigh -high boots and nurse outfit. Her imposing height (enhanced by the boots) immediately put me into sub-mode. After initial intro conversation Ms Rey ordered me to kiss her boots and thighs--which I happily did.

Did I mention I was 10 minutes late for the session? Ms Rey decided it was time for punishment, not only for my tardiness, but also she caught me going thru her panty drawer. A severe over-the-knee spanking was administered--which I greatly enjoyed.

Ms Rey dressed me in such a way as to add to my humiliation.She stood back , looked at me and laughed -- she was quite amused by how she made me look. Proud of her creativity, and really enjoying how she humiliated me; I was happy that she was happy grin

The session went into some bondage, more spankings and punishment... She had me begging for mercy and finally using my safe word.

In summary--I highly recommend Ms Rey --she is great addition to the Fortress!

- Anonymous

For a long time, I've been fascinated by the Fortress and I honestly thought it was too good to be true. I read the online reviews, looked at the galleries of the mistresses, read about the process and procedures, and still didn't believe it. But I had to give it a try. And oh my holy God is this place special. I sessioned with Mistress Rey. She is devastatingly beautiful in her pictures but even more amazing in person. It was beyond amazing, and I've served mistresses for decades and on multiple continents.

Trust me, this place is the best in the world. Everything about it exceeds what you've heard and is unlike anything you've ever experienced. Mistress Rey is intimidating. Her style is both strict and sensual. She keeps you off balance and you have no idea what's coming next. She sent me off with a hug, but my head was so spun around that I literally wandered the streets aimlessly for an hour trying to focus on the world again. That is what this place, and Mistress Rey, does to you.

It is an honest, hardcore, completely professional experience. I am already planning my next trip to NYC just to go back there and serve Mistress Rey and (hopefully) some of the other mistresses. This place is beyond your wildest dreams, beyond belief. I experienced it and I'm still having a hard time believing myself, however, I have the marks to remind me that it really happened (and marks are not a limit of mine). This place, and Mistress Rey, are to BDSM what Michael Jordan was to basketball. You only live once. Don't miss out on this.

- Harry Lime

She is an extra-ordinarily beautiful woman with the long, lean body of a tigress. The nude session with her was a combination of unbearable pleasure, unbearable pain, and unbearable tantalizing eroticism. She is very skilled in the erotic arts and the art of S&M. I would highly recommend this beautiful and learned--fluent French and five years in Paris--dominatrix.

- CaptYve

Mistress Rey was a extraordinary; she's amazing and beautiful.
She was very nice to me, gave me confidence because I was very nervous at first. She realized all my interests and did a great job with torture tools.
The room is excellent, good atmosphere.
I'll be back in the near future... with Mistress Rey of course.

- Jul. V.

I was nervous when I booked a session at the fortress, and was afraid to fall in a trap. But I quickly realized that everything is done to keep their safety, my privacy and my health. The space and all "accessories" are super clean and there are all protections needed.

Mistress Rey is so beautiful! Her voice, her eyes, her disdainful smile : I totally fell in love! I felt that she had experience and knew what she was doing and I will surely see her again.

- James

Mistress Rey provided just what I was looking for - a lot of very sensual T&D. She was very responsive and helpful when I asked to switch rooms (the Tatami room is a little claustrophobic for me) and at the end when I wanted to take a really quick shower. Little stuff like that matters so much.

When I'm in a great session, I tend not to say much that's interesting - too busy moaning and inarticulately pleading - and for some, that's (understandably) difficult - not enough communication or direction. But M Rey totally got it - she understood that that was exactly where I wanted to be.

Oh - and it goes without saying that she is insanely hot.

- D

I had the pleasure to serve Mistress Rey recently. First, let me say she is much prettier than the photos. She is gorgeous, with a personality to match, but don't let her looks fool you as she will quickly let you know who is in charge. She has a way of inflicting pain while maintaining that sweet voice. I will definitely be back for more punishment at the hands of Mistress Rey.

- Z

When she entered the room I was immediately captivated by her eyes. She asked me a few simple questions and then began to examine me. She made it clear from the start that I was hers to command. For the next two hours she kept me engaged to her will. She was strict without being mean. Gentle in the way she caused pain. She made me feel special in her way of making me feel like I did not deserve to be in her presence. She told me I was hers to train, her pet for her enjoyment. It's been two days since she released me, I cannot stop myself from thinking of her touch, torture, and rewards for service. I believe she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, I would give myself to her again and again, just to be in her presence, and obey her every command.

- Torry

I had the wonderful chance to meet Mistress Rey and things just couldn't have been better. I came with a very specific fetish which she understood and assumed as hers too, this led to a immediate connection in the role play. Her passion towards it made me feel really comfortable at every stage of the play. Empathy is very important for me and it was felt during the session. Will definitely come back to her and the fortress. Also, not a minor detail at all, but what an amazingly beautiful woman she is.

- F

Mistress Rey is stunning and fulfilled a lot of my requests. I'm slowly starting to spread my wings to new interests and she catered nicely to that. Time always flies but that may be a reminder to allow more time to soak it in next time. Overall it was tons of fun.

- NateTheGreat

What can I say? I have sessioned all over the world albeit mostly in a London with a number of amazing dommes and I am fortunate enough to have a partner who understands my needs and kinks and we are regulars in the fetish scene etc.

Quite simply Mistress Rey is singularly the best domme I have ever played with. She is stunning physically and mentally, she judged our two hours perfectly and I enjoyed every second. Mistress tapped into my psyche in seconds and is a woman who enjoys her play time: this is not someone going through the motions.

I can't wait to return.

- JM

As a veteran of the Fortress, I've always been in awe of its incredible management, efficiency and safety. Every one of the ladies is beautiful, highly intelligent and knowledgeable in BDSM. As I met Mistress Rey for the first time, I was struck as she entered the room with her thigh-high boots causing me to look so small as she looked down upon me. Her considerable height, toned physique and stunning beauty set the tone for an incredible session. I requested a more playful session for our first meeting and she obliged in magnificent fashion. What an incredible tease! Bound and helpless, I quickly fell captive to her surprisingly wicked and twisted ways. She's an absolute delight to talk to with a killer smile to boot. I can' t wait to see her again!

- J

From the moment she walked into the room, Mistress Rey was a contradiction. She was soft-spoken but confident. She projected sexuality but commanded respect. She enjoyed teasing but not without rewarding good behavior. She could use a soft touch but also could inflict serious pain. If you're looking for a broad range of experiences or if you don't know what you're looking for, you will be very, very pleased.

- F. Peters

If you haven't had the chance to meet Mistress Rey do yourself a favor and put this beautiful lady on your bucket list. She is a true dominant woman who takes great pleasure in your submission... Only then will you hear the words 'good boy'. She is a beautiful, timeless, classic woman.

- Sissy Jennifer

Being in my mid 50's, I had been suppressing a fetish for 30 + years.

After probing deep into my soul I decided to do something about it. After much thought I gambled and decided on "The Fetish Fortress". When I arrived I was feeling very nervous, knowing that my suppressed fetish will after all be satisfied. The procedure to enter the establishment is secure and the entrance procedure is well thought out. As mentioned, I was extremely nervous, however Mistress Rey eased my nervousness by having a brief conversation with me upon entering the Fortress room where I was awaiting her.

With a smile she told me to get on my knees and indulge in her feet, which I willingly did. Mmm mm good.

Days afterwards the thought of the experience & the thought of Mistress Rey makes me ooze "The Fetish Fortress" gets 5 stars from me.

- Tow Lover

Once again I enjoyed the privilege of totally submitting to the very cute, vivacious, stunningly charming MISTRESS REY and once again I was in awe of her warm, engaging personalty.

We spent a few minutes prior to our session to discuss our session as I longingly gazed at her adorable face. My eyes continually scanned her beautiful body, and her endearingly soft and sexy feminine voice punctuated by smiles and laughter had me reeling with the desire to suffer intolerably at her hands if she deemed it necessary. Youthful female physical beauty is an overwhelming empowerment for the lucky few who possess it and in in my opinion a prerequisite for my total submission...

- Lonewolf

I had the privilege of visiting the Fortress for my first time. I have had little experiences with Pros so I was a bit nervous. Mistress Rey immediately put me at ease. She is gorgeous and has quite a statuesque appearance. Right away Mistress Rey positioned her body close to me and I knew she was in charge but also felt very safe and comfortable.

Play was unbelievable. Rey fluidly moved between my indicated interests and also delved into deep desires I did not know I had within me. No safe word needed as I feel Mistress Rey’s biggest gift, other than her awesome humor, is her empathy. She knew exactly when to increase the intensity of the session and when to slow down and reward me with pleasurable sensations.

Mistress Rey is a fun, smart, talented and very special player. A wonderful conversationalist who uses humor, wit and deft body positioning to keep her pets under her control and begging for more.

- Michael

I had a session with Mistress Rey this past week; it was truly remarkable. Firstly to note, this was my first session with a mistress. I've always fantasized about having a session but was too scared. Upon first meeting Mistress Rey, I was awestruck at how beautiful she was. Tall, in great shape, the face of a model (my dream woman). I requested a very specific session that catered to my own fetish and Mistress Rey excelled at it with grace. It involved her tying me up and dominating me with spit. I was covered in her sweet, delicious saliva from head to toe and was able to even indulge by swallowing a lot as well. Mistress Rey did this all with an evil grin on her face, which made it all the better. I especially loved the scent of her saliva as it dried.

I will be returning to the Fortress for many years to come based off of my first experience. Hoping to see you soon Mistress Rey!

- Your Favorite Spittoon

My long awaited Session with the beautiful Mistress Rey finally happened and she was everything we have all come to expect in a Fortress Mistress and more. Her beauty is striking as is her dominant demeanor. She had me completely at her mercy from the moment she entered the room. I generally lean toward a more sensually dominant session but this time I requested that my limits be pushed a bit more, and Mistress Rey was happy to oblige I loved every minute.

- TT

Don't let her delicate beauty fool you. The gorgeous Mistress Rey is alternately delicate and commanding. She took wicked delight in dominating me, touching on everything we had planned and devilishly convincing me to stretch my boundaries. Serving her is a rare privilege.

- D.S.

Mistress Rey is gorgeous. As soon as she walked in the room I was hers. She has a playful demeanor and as firm a touch as she deems necessary. With each spanking I was both subdued and pushed further into excitement. I knew what wanted. And she didn't fail to get what she wanted. Being bent over for her is bliss.

- S

I had seen pictures of Mistress Rey and she was exactly my body type, so I made an appointment (which was very easy) and arrived at my appointed time. It was my first visit to the Fortress and it was a memorable and pleasurable one. Mistress Rey is sexy and confident. She is strong yet tender. Firm but playful. She satisfied my fantasies and desires (even some I didn't know that I had). She took things slow since it was my first experience and made me feel so comfortable. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned veteran, I would highly recommend Mistress Rey. I have already made my second appointment with her!

- K

She has legs for days and they are perfect. I love legs so this just killed me when this incredible beauty strolled in with this awesome air of supreme confidence in her thigh high boots. OMG...those legs! I'm instantly thinking - oh yeah, this will be fun - and it was. Mistress Rey added a new dimension with some super sensual teasing that just drove me wild and kept me wanting more the whole time. A supreme goddess in every sense. When it comes to the Fortress, there simply is no wrong choice! I have absolutely loved every experience and can't wait for more...and more...and more!

- Hand Puppet

My second session with Mistress Rey was on a recent afternoon. Seeing her was like seeing an old friend of mine! How would I describe her?
Mistress Rey is intelligent, she is cunning, she is devious, she is "in charge." But she is also witty, clever, sensitive, and fun! She has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve and knows how to use them in a way that bring a mix of pleasure, anticipation, and desire. She fulfilled my fantasies and then went above and beyond those to fulfill some desires I didn't even know I had. She is beautiful and sexy. She knew how to engage all of my senses in such a way that the session was truly an experience. I cannot wait to see her again and to continue to explore a part of the world where fantasy and reality can meet!

- K

Mistress Rey is more beautiful in person than in her pictures. She greeted me with a disarming smile, and I was hers from that point forward. She was skilled in what she did. I could tell that she was having as good of a time, if not better, than I was; that helped make the session so much more enjoyable. She totally dominated me during the session. I am already planning my next business trip through NY, only so that i can sneak in another session with Mistress Rey.

- Anonymous

I'd come across the Fetish Fortress online by incident one day - a holiday to New York was already booked and I was idly curious how much dommes in the city charged.
Most charge a lot, it seems, with the exception of the Fetish Fortress. Two dommes costing less than other, far less appealing single player options elsewhere in the city. It was a no brainer - I had to make the most of this.
What followed next was incredible. I was greeted by the stunning and foreboding Mistress Rey, who was dressed in schoolgirl attire as requested (yes, I'm obvious). I felt a flush of intimidated embarrassment before Mistress Rey, who seemed to tower over me. (And I'm 6ft myself.)

Mistress Rey led me through to the "Pink Room" where we were joined by Mistress Von Dietz (also in schoolgirl attire) who left me speechless. Together the two ladies ganged up and started reaching and groping, taking advantage while I was trying to overcome my initial stupor, including plenty of tickling of sensitive areas, a few smacks to the behind... Both Mistress Rey and Von Dietz were jaw-droppingly beautiful, sensually intimidating, respectful of limits while also utterly dominating and seemingly psychically pushing my buttons to their limits.

I'm so grateful they've set their rates where they have - it was the highlight of the visit and an experience that will stand out in my mind for years to come.

- Anonymous